What Is Shrouded Grove?

Rather, who is Shrouded Grove?

Hello, my name is Michael. And this is my website. The name 'Shrouded Grove' comes from two words: The former, 'Shrouded', meaning covered; guarded; hidden; mystery; etherial; fantasy. And the latter, meaning wooded area, especially one with a nook; a place untouched my corruption, surrounded by nature.

It is from this place, in these woods, amongst the squirrels, fairies, and worms, that I write. And write.

I have a lot of thoughts that need to be deposited somewhere. This is the perfect place. If you are interested in all things philosophical and super mysterious then you have come to the right place. Virtually no topic is rejected here. From the wonderful advances in Science to the beauty and horror of religion, to psychology and criminology and even mythology.

I must warn you however, that should you embark on a journey of discovering into my mind... tread with caution. For mine is a mind that is -- unlocked. If you are certain you are ready for the adventure, then I welcome you, pilgrim.