"Welcome to the Grove"

A place to reflect, connect and grow

Hi, I'm Michael and I'm pleased to welcome you to my small corner of the universe. This philosophy blog aims to unearth the inner workings of our species, so that we all may better understand who we are and where we are going.


What is music, really?

Sounds... do we ever actually stop to think just how and why they affect our brains in the way they do? Can we use music in a better way?

Mistrust: The Great Epiphany

Trust no-one. Not even yourself. Just kidding - you can trust yourself sometime - but only if you are in full control of your mind.

What Drives Me To Learn

Why am so inquisitive? Is it a gift, or a curse? I can tell you that it has manifested as both. Will I ever be satisfied with my knowledge?

What IS Intelligence?

In this article I examine what intelligence is and how best to cultivate and preserve it. How should we be putting our intelligence to work?