"Welcome to the Grove"

A place to reflect, connect and grow

Hi, I'm Michael and I'm pleased to welcome you to my small corner of the universe. This philosophy blog aims to unearth the inner workings of our species, so that we all may better understand who we are and where we are going.


Sweet YouTube Videos

Martial Arts, Gaming, Sports, Comedy etc. These are some of my fav YouTube videos that have earned a place on my website!

Things I Do Not Like

Why not make a list of all the things I presently dislike. Maybe I will discover something about myself...

Scamdemic notes. (Covid)

Yes, let's just follow our leaders and accept whatever they tell us without question. They wouldn't lie to us about Covid-19. Right??

Angry Buddy - A Quora Tale

I know I shouldn't but I just can't help it. Sometimes I own so hard that I end up shredding their soul. Don't take things personally guys.

Stathis The Plant Pot

Imagine debating someone with the IQ of a pot plant. It's quite a challenge. All my Quora debates include a link to the original debate.

Pete Gets Triggered

I was having so much fun... too much perhaps. The person I was destroying in this debate about sexuality needed to block me. Ouch.

Can We, Or Can't We?

Ah yes - another insightful essay, by yours truly, all about free will - life's greatest illusion.