A Shrouded Grove.

Updated: Nov 11

This is my first post. It is late at night and my boisterous male kitten is... where is he? Well, he isn't running around my legs right now so I can at last focus on setting this website "blog" thing up. I feel like I have been dropped off in the Scottish Highlands, miles from civilization, with little to no education on how to survive.

It is a scary feeling. But exhilarating at the same time because I am ultimately doing something I love to do - write! I have established a small corner of the internet. Sweet! Can I swear on here? I own the place right? What will I write about?

I am not sure what to say now... I am tired. This feels somewhat like a journal. Maybe it is... maybe all of life is - no, not now. Save that shit for later ha ha.

Erm... ok, I chose the name 'Shrouded Grove' for my website for it evoked in me a childhood sense of security, of exploration and being alone with nature. Adventure and... oh I don't know... the woods, the Druid impression of moist earth, busy birds and cracking branches in the moaning wind. I feel like if I had to escape into a book somewhere it would be in such a place. A place to think and be present.

Yeah... that can be the origin story for now.

I should say that in the coming days I am going to fill this site with many of my thoughts. Both wonderful... and frightening. But hopefully thought provoking for any of you readers who love to grapple with deep ideas and such.

I retire hence forth to my bed

- Michael

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